M.Sc. Luisa Ritter


Work L5|01 147
Franziska-Braun-Straße 7
64278 Darmstadt

on appointment

  • GIS in Land Management
  • Urban Climate Change Resilience
  • WieBauin
  • Expertise report: Basis for a Hessian Priority Programme on Climate Adaptations on State Roads (commissioned research by Hessen Mobil)

I co-supervise the following courses and teaching assignments in the department:

  • Projekt Landmanagement und Geoinformation
  • Geoinformationsmanagement
  • Using GIS for Urban Analysis

I offer and supervise topics connected to above-mentioned fields of research. Own suggestions and ideas are welcome.

You can find topics suggested by me and others here.

  • Stahl, Jana; Ritter, Luisa; Lortz, Marie; Kachel, Jannis; Knodt, Michèle; Linke, Hans-Joachim (2022): Gemeinsam zur Mobilitätswende – Erkenntnisse aus einer Nutzerbefragung in Stadtquartieren. In: Flächenmanagement und Bodenordnung (fub), 2/2022, S. 66-74
  • Lortz, Marie; Stahl, Jana; Ritter, Luisa; Iovine, Ivan; Abb, Benjamin; Klien, Eva; Linke, Hans-Joachim; Knodt, Michèle (2022): Digitale Beteiligung in der städtischen Mobilitätsplanung. In: Flächenmanagement und Bodenordnung (fub), 2/2022, S. 75-86