Registration for the workshop “Kommunale Geoinformationssysteme” is possible until 27.02.2023


On 01.03.2023, the annual workshop “Kommunale Geoinformationssysteme” will take place on the topic of current trends and developments in the fields of GIS and land management. The 26th workshop will address the following three topics

- How does geodata help with the energy transition and climate change adaptation?

- Digital twins and

- The use of remote sensing for municipalities.

The seminar is a joint event of the Institute of Geodesy of the

TU Darmstadt, the Laboratory for Geoinformation of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the “Institut für Kommunale Geoinformationssysteme (IKGIS e.V.)”.

The workshop will be held in German. Registration for the workshop is still possible until 27.02.2023.

Further information can be found at: