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Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

Bachelor’s Degree

The Department of Spatial and Infrastructure Planning offers the following courses:

  • Foundations of spatial planning (lecture and seminar)
  • Urban and infrastructure planning (together with the department “Design and regional development” in the faculty of architecture)
  • Project seminar “Municipal planning and infrastructure management” (together with other departments at the IWAR Institute)
  • Foundations of planning, designing and construction (together with other departments in the faculty of civil engineering and geodesy)

Master’s Degree

We offer the following modules consisting of lectures and seminars:

  • Urban and regional infrastructure planning
  • Urban and regional environmental planning

In addition, we go deeper into current topics in the field of spatial and infrastructure planning in the following more research-oriented seminars:

  • Spatial development in the national and international context
  • Infrastructures and the urban environment
  • Spatial development and planning practice
  • Research oriented project seminars on varying topics

The teaching of the department is complemented by subject-specific optional courses, by participation in research-oriented study and design projects and by participation in the international master’s course International Cooperation and Urban Development.