Research in the Department of Spatial and Infrastructure Planning

The department engages in research into sustainability at the interface of spatial, infrastructure and environmental planning. We define our research as problem-oriented basic research. On the one hand our work is problem-oriented, i.e. we point out the existing problem areas in sustainable spatial and infrastructure development and develop academic knowledge for the solution of planning problems, e.g. with regard to the managment of sustainable urban and regional development, dealing with global environmental changes or promoting sustainable innovations in technical infrastructure sectors. On the other hand we are guided by relevant discussions and theories in social scientific spatial, technical and environmental research and we further the development of theory. In doing so we combine approaches and perspectives from the planning sciences with those from the debates on urban and regional governance, on social studies of technology and space, on the innovation conditions of technical infrastructure systems and on the political ecology of cities. Our research concentrates on the following fields:

  • Infrastructure problems and planning solutions in various spatial contexts
  • New responsibilities of spatial and infrastructure planning in the face of new environmental risks
  • Governance and planning of sustainable urban and regional development


Externally funded research projects