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Changes for the modul Infrastrukturplanung, 04.02.2020

The module „Infrastrukturplanung“ (6 CP, lecture + exercise) will take place for the last time in the winter semester 2019/2020. The new modules „System of Infrastructure“ (3 CP) and „Economic assessment“ (3 CP), starting in the summer semester 2020 and hold in English, will replace the module and can be taken instead. The contents of “Infrastrukturplanung” are implemented in the new modules.

Exam dates WiSe 2020/2021, 27.11.2020

13-K4-0019-vl Umweltplanung

11.03.2021, individual oral exam, Zoom

13-B2-J001-se German Law of Property and Planning

23. + 25.03.2021, individual oral exam, Zoom

13-02-J003 Infrastructure

23.03.2021, 08-10 o'clock (CET), L506/11

13-02-J002 Economic Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment Methods

26.03.2021, 08-10 o'clock (CET), L506/26 + 32

13-B2-J008 Multidisciplinary Project and Seminar “Sustainable Urban Development"

15.04.2021, individual oral exam, Zoom

Important notice because of the current corona-crisis, 20.03.2020

Due to the actual situation all research assistants of the Chair for Spatial and Infrastructure Planning are working from home. Nevertheless, for subject-specific questions as well as theses it is possible to arrange a consultation hour via telephone or internet. Please write an email to a research assistant for an appointment and further information.

Enrollment of theses

Beginning from now it is only possible to start the theses from home via email. You get further information from your study office.

Submission of theses

Theses have to be uploaded in TUBama. Actually it is not necessary to print and hand in a paper version Die Abgabe in Papierform ist zunächst nicht erforderlich. You get further information from your study office.

Please also pay attention to the current information of the TU executive board.